About Stimuprat

StimuPrat was created and developed by interventional rhythmologists who are committed to sharing a collection of unique tracing with as many people as possible. After having written and published several books in the field, the StimuPrat team proposes several websites:

www.pacingdefibrillation.com, www.rhythmopedia.com and www.ecgforum.com

www.pacingdefibrillation.com is a free e-learning site that aims to be as exhaustive as possible on the generalities of cardiac stimulation, defibrillation, resynchronization, telemedicine, but also on the specificities of each manufacturer in the biomedical industry. This site also presents a Forum of ECG, endocavitary EGM, telemetric tracings, so that the interpretation of the tracings can be discussed with the help of all those who want to make this site innovative, evolving, reactive and educational.

www.rhythmopedia.com Free e-learning which aims to describe and explain each congenital heart disease. To know all the aspects and specificities of the ECG of the child of the young adult, whether normal or pathological, based on clinical cases and an extremely rich and documented trace atlas so that the ECG of the child with or without congenital heart disease no longer holds any secrets for you. Here too, a Forum is devoted to the layouts and the resulting therapeutic decisions.

Finally, www.ecgforum.com .  This site will be specifically dedicated to ECG and endocavitary tracings in the strict sense of the term, in the absence of Stimulation and/or Defibrillation devices. Thus, intra-cardiac conduction and excitability disorders will be explained and illustrated in detail with Forum and "key" exchanges in order to better understand the underlying mechanisms of tachycardia and conduction disorders.