Operation of the Vp suppression algorithm

N° 3
Manufacturer Biotronik Device PM Field Pacing Modes
  • 72-year-old man
  • Evia DR-T dual chamber pacemaker (Biotronik) for paroxysmal third degree atrioventricular block
  • Vp suppression algorithm
Graph and trace
  • Atrial sensing and ventricular pacing with programmed AV delay (DDD)
  • Prolongation of the AV delay to 450 ms (hysteresis of the AV delay) for 8 consecutive cycles with no observed spontaneous conduction
  • Return to DDD pacing with the programmed AV delay
  • This tracing highlights the interest of the Vp-suppression algorithm (Biotronik) to reduce the pourcentage of unnecessary right ventricular pacing
  • The AAI-DDD (Vp-suppression) mode has been designed to allow pacing in ADI mode with permanent monitoring of atrioventricular conduction and switching to DDD mode when the device detects an alteration in atrioventricular conduction