About Stimuprat Editions


Stimuprat Editions has been created by interventional electrophysiologists who aim to share their large and unique database of tracings. After having written and published multiple works in the field, the Stimuprat team has decided to reunite its high quality and complete content into one site : CardiocasesCardiocases.com actually comprises of two platforms : Pacing Defibrillation and ECG. Other platforms are currently under development : Corocases and EPCases.


Platform details:

https://www.cardiocases.com/en/pacingdefibrillation : This free E-learning portal holds a large amount of information of the basics on cardiac pacing, defibrillation, cardiac resynchronization and remote monitoring. The site also boasts many lessons on the specificities of all the major device companies.  There is also an active forum to be found on endocavitary EGMs, ECG tracings and telemetry recordings which enables users to share and discuss cases around the globe.

https://www.cardiocases.com/en/ecg : This site is dedicated to surface ECG recordings. Conduction disturbances and arrhythmias are illustrated and explained in a step-by-step approach. In fact all major ECG pathology is reviewed alongside with more rare conditions.

https://www.cardiocases.com/en/corocases : This site, available soon, will educate visitors on coronary angiography with a clinical approach ranging from a basic to expert level. 

https://www.cardiocases.com/en/epcases : Online electrophysiology laboratory.