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"The advent of wearable devices that monitor our heart rhythms both excites and worries doctors." in the New York Times.

You may be worried or you may be excited but one thing is sure, more and more people are getting access to ECG self-registration.

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A. the rhythm is sinus
E. there is a right bundle branch block

What did you think about this first PM quiz ?

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Discover our first #pacemarker quiz !

#PM QUIZ n°1 :

Patient : 69-year-old man, implanted with a Microport™ Reply DR dual-chamber pacemaker for sinus dysfunction; both leads are well positioned with normal pacing impedances, proper sensing and satisfactory pacing thresholds; the day after implantation, pacemaker control; programming of different pacing modes and recording of the tracings;

Quiz : Regarding this ECG, which is(are) the correct answer(s) ?

A. the rhythm is sinus
B. the atria are paced
C. the ventricles are paced
D. there is a left anterior fascicular block
E. there is a right bundle branch block

Leave your answer(s) as a comment

Good luck !

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