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6 days 11 hours

#ECG QUIZ n°52 !

-> Patient : 31-year-old male followed for vasculitis (Wegener’s granulomatosis) hospitalized for chest pain and major dyspnea; biological assessment: increase in cardiac enzymes and inflammatory syndrome;

-> Quiz : What are the 2 most likely diagnoses given this clinical history and electrocardiogram ?

A. acute coronary syndrome

B. pulmonary embolism

C. aortic dissection

D. myopericarditis

E. pneumothorax

Good luck !

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1 week 6 days

This is a picture from ~1925 where Karel Frederic Wenckebach (famous for describing 2nd degree type I AV block) demonstrates a boy's #heartbeat to a #medical class. Look how his students listen through stethoscopes connected to a machine. Maybe it is a good idea for training of medical students today !

From the Wellcome Collection

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2 weeks 6 days

ECG QUIZ n°44 !

-> Patient : 65-year-old woman hospitalized in the emergency ward for constrictive chest pain following the notification of the sudden death of her son; slight increase in troponin; ultrasound with pattern of major kinetic disorders of the apex and medial segments

-> Quiz : What is (are) the possible diagnosis(es) on this ECG (performed upon arrival at the emergency room; three hours after onset of complaints)?

A. sinus tachycardia

B. atrial fibrillation

C. common flutter

D. inferior ST elevation

E. possible anterior ACS Good luck !

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