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Blood pressure medication is typically taken in the morning.

This exciting Spanish study shows that it's actually better when taken before going to bed! ~18'000 patients were randomized to either morning or sleeptime blood pressure medication administration.

Surprisingly, evening administration was associated with near halving of cardiovascular events such as stroke, heart attacks and heart failure !

Read more about it in this months' European Heart Journal

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A. a ventricular extrasystole

C. prolonged QT interval

E. anterior ischemia

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The new Limb Lead Algorithm !

When confronted with a wide complex tachycardia, differentiating between ventricular and supraventricular arrhythmias is important but often confusing.

Qion Chen and colleagues propose simple ECG criteria based on only the limb leads !

Using over 500 VTs (validated by EP study), they compared their limb lead algorithm with existing algorithms and show promising results !

Read more in Heart Rhythm Journal /

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The new Limb Lead Algorithm