Vp suppression algorithm and decrease in unnecessary right ventricular pacing

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Manufacturer Biotronik Device PM Field Pacing Modes
  • 71-year-old man
  • Dual-chamber pacemaker (BiotronikTM) for symptomatic sinus dysfunction with prolonged PR interval
  • Programming in DDD mode at 60 bpm; 6 months after implantation, 100% ventricular pacing and 85% atrial pacing
  • Programming of the Vp-suppression algorithm
Graph and trace
  • DDD mode: atrial pacing and ventricular pacing
  • Programming of the Vp suppression algorithm (vertical black line): atrial pacing and spontaneous ventricular event (long PR pattern)
  • This tracing highlights the interest of the Vp-suppression algorithm (Biotronik) to reduce the pourcentage of unnecessary right ventricular pacing
  • The AAI-DDD (Vp-suppression) mode has been designed to allow pacing in ADI mode with permanent monitoring of atrioventricular conduction and switching to DDD mode when the device detects an alteration in atrioventricular conduction
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