Biotronik Algorithm


This manufacturer has not developed a specific AV and VV delay optimization algorithm. On the other hand, a negative hysteresis of the AV delay can be programmed in order to trigger BiV stimulation. In a pacemaker non-dependent patient, the programmed AV delay can be shortened if it is longer than the spontaneous AV interval.


Theoritical features / Basic concepts


  Basic concepts : AV delay and VV delay optimization AV delay optimization VV delay optimization LV pacing alone or biventricular pacing ? AdaptivCRT algorithm   AV DELAY AND VV DELAY OPTIMIZATION Biventricular resynchronization provides significant clinical benefit, a reverse remodeling with reduction of the cardiac volume, and a decrease in morbidity and mortality in heart failure patients with wide QRS. The main limitation of this therapy is that all studies found a significant percentage of patients that do not respond favorably to the resynchronization therapy. Different approaches have been proposed to reduce the percentage of non-responders. Once the patient is implanted, a sub-optimal adjustment of the CRT device can contribute to alter the quality of the response. The principle...