Reduction of percentage ventricular pacing with MVP

N° 1
Manufacturer Medtronic Device PM Field MVP
  • 69-year-old man
  • Dual-chamber pacemaker (Medtronic) for syncope and sinus node dysfunction
  • First part of the tracing: DDD mode
  • Second part of the tracing: MVP mode
Graph and trace

Tracing 1a: 12 lead ECG

  • DDD mode: atrial pacing and fusion between sensed and paced ventricular activities (AP-VP)
  • MVP mode: atrial pacing and ventricular sensing (AP-VS)


Tracing 1b: EGM

  • The EGM confirms the resumption of spontaneous conduction after programming of the MVP mode
  • This tracing highlights the interest of MVP to reduce unnecessary right ventricular pacing in patients with sinus dysfunction
  • DDD mode: 100% VP; MVP: 100% VS
  • This should prove beneficial in terms of ventricular remodeling and occurrence of atrial arrhythmia
  • MVP is proposed in Medtronic devices to reduce the percentage of ventricular pacing without compromising the safety
  • MVP mode, AAI(R) <=> DDD(R), enables pacing in ADI mode while monitoring atrioventricular conduction
  • Backup ventricular support for transient loss of AV conduction
  • Ability to automatically switch to DDD pacing during AV block
  • Periodic conduction checks at progressively increasing intervals while operating in DDD mode, with the ability to switch back to AAI mode when AV conduction resumes
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